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This set of greenhouse plans features a STANDARD lO'x12' WOOD FRAME that can be finished in glass, fiberglass, or plastic based on your own personal choice. This greenhouse plan is designed especially for the home garden enthusiast and hobbyist. This useful structure can also be expanded in length or attached to your home.

If you desire a more economical and quick structure, this set also includes a 10'x12' POLYPIPE (PVC). For those with smaller needs, several easy to build HOTBED & PROPAGATING FRAME PLAN DESIGNS have been added to round off this unique set. There is an idea in this set for everyone who enjoys gardening and working with plants.

This set also includes the designs listed below
Simple A-Frame Greenhouse Plan, Hotbed, Propagating Frame, Polypipe, Cold frame and Raised Bed

The above Gambrel Style is featured in this set with a complete Bill of Materials.
-each set includes a copy of our 10 page Planning Guide-

5 Sheet Set $24.99, + $3.99 Postage & Handling


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A lean-to is built against a building, using the existing structure for one or more of its sides. It is usually attached to a house, but may be attached to other buildings. The lean-to is limited to single or double-row plant benches with a total width of 7 to 12 feet. It can be as long as the building it is attached to. The advantage of the lean-to is that it usually is close to available electricity, water, and heat.

The even-span is the standard type - the one people generally visualize when they think about greenhouses. Similar to a freestanding structure except that it is attached to a house at one gable end. It can accommodate 2 or 3 rows of plant benches. The cost of an even-span is more than the cost of a lean-to type, but it has greater flexibility in design and provides for more plants. Because of its size and greater amount of exposed glass area, the even-span will cost more to heat.

Attached Window-Mounted: A window-mounted type will allow space to grow a few plants at relatively low cost for heating and cooling. This reach-in is available in many standard sizes, either in single units or in tandem arrangements for large windows. Only simple tools are needed to remove the regular window from the frame and fasten the pre-fabricated window type in its place. See your favorite garden catalog or visit your local building center for styles and availability.

Greenhouse Plans Covering,  Discover the Perfect Way to Glaze Your Garden Fixtures

We provide UV inhibited corrugated plastic panels that are strong, durable, and lightweight. These panels can be used in many applications including cold frames, propagation chambers, or custom designed structures. These translucent panels transmit 70-75% soft diffused light, encouraging lush green plant growth.

These UV protected, double-walled high density polyethylene panels are mildew, water, and chemical resistant and will not yellow. A double ultraviolet treatment filters out harmful rays and extends the panel life. All paneling has a 3 year limited warranty against ultraviolet breakdown. These panels measure about 4'-1" x 8'-1" and 4'-1" x 12'-2" and are available in 3.5 mm and 5.0 mm thickness. The panels are longer to enable overlapping.

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